The Way of Mastery ~ Overview

 The Way of Mastery 

Pathway of Enlightenment

The Way of Mastery is a pathway offering a profound and

comprehensive theology and lived experience of love via a

progression of teachings, exercises and Living Practices, all

devoted to a genuine – and radical - depth of living enlightenment.

This depth goes beyond intellectual belief or the acceptance of

certain concepts and ideas. It guides the student into their

essential and eternal Heart, into a radical, transfigured gnosis, a

‘knowledge by being that which is known.’

The purpose of The Way of Mastery is threefold:

~ To create a pathway that can support any student from their

first steps all the way to truly awakening into ‘Christ Mind’.

~ To restore the original Teachings of Jeshua (Jesus) given to

His followers.

~ To ‘birth a million Christs.’

The Way of Mastery pathway of enlightenment is comprised of:

~ The Five Core texts and The Early Years channelings

~ The Way of Mastery Living Practices and The Aramaic Teachings

~ Facilitated Teachings by Pathway instructors

~ Temple Canyon Sanctuary


The Five Core texts and The Early Years

The Pathway began in 1987 when Jeshua suddenly appeared in

a field of brilliant light in the living room of Jayem (Jon Marc

Hammer), who would become the channel for The Way of


The remarkable series of events that followed are

recounted in the book The Jeshua Letters, the first of the five core

texts. In this, Jeshua begins to reveal the first cornerstones of the

Pathway He will come to create through this communion.

The Way of the Servant, the second text, describing the ‘final

stage of enlightenment available in this world,’ soon followed.

During this period, 1988-1994, Jeshua channeled through Jayem

for growing numbers of students at public gatherings as well. The

body of these, first recorded as audio teachings, are called The

Early Years.

Examples of these include: Love Heals All Things, Walk with Me, The Feminine Christ, Death and Earth Changes, and many others.

Then, in 1994, Jeshua began the three-year series of teachings

and exercises known as The Christ Mind Trilogy. These three

texts are the most well know and widely distributed of all The Way

of Mastery materials.

A set of remarkable teachings and exercises, they were

originally given monthly as audio recordings to a group of early

students over a three year period. The Christ Mind Trilogy

consists of:

~ The Way of the Heart

~ The Way of Transformation and

~ The Way of Knowing

Each of The Christ Mind Trilogy texts and set of exercises is

meant be completed before moving on to the next.

The Way of Mastery Living Practices

Even as the creation of The Christ Mind Trilogy was occurring,

Jeshua was already preparing the next steps that would unfold

much later as The Way of Mastery Living Practices.

In The Way of Transformation, Jeshua shares that “initiatory experiences” would eventually be “offered and provided.” 

These were developed by Jeshua during the period in which The Chirst Mind Trilogy came through, and for many years after, as He intensified the personal discipleship of Jayem with a series of alchemical trainings.

These are The Way of Mastery Living Practices. They include:

LovesBreath, a transformational breathing practice.

In the Name, an attunement meditation, based on the prayer

given to Jayem and used to connect with Jeshua prior to every

channeled teaching.

The Aramaic Teachings. These reveal their hidden depth and

restore the richer meanings of some of Jeshua’s most essential

and beautiful teachings, long lost to poor translation. They


~ The Aramaic Lord’s Prayer  is an attunement (“Shalu” in Aramaic) practice of mind, breath, and body via the power and frequency of Jeshua’s native language of Aramaic.

~ The Aramaic Beatitudes: The Beatitudes are commonly

known as ‘The Sermon on the Mount’, the “Blessed are the…”

teachings of the Bible. When seen in the translation from the

original Aramaic, they reveal with astonishing wisdom the nature

and key stages of the soul’s journey.

Out of this comes one of the most essential of The Living

Practices, Radical Inquiry, based on Jeshua’s teaching in the first

three Aramaic Beatitudes. This is a profound method of

discovering, and dissolving illusions held deep in the mind that

construct the false self, or Ego.

Facilitated Teachings

Deepening into a spiritual path often requires support. To assist

students in the deepening of their journey into The Way of

Mastery, teachers have emerged from their own in-depth


Offerings include:

Personal Sessions Offered with pathway teachers, these

support the healing and waking process, often greatly accelerate

one’s journey.

Workshops, seminars and pilgrimages. Travel to global sacred

sites, and a host of classes and gatherings led by Pathway


Temple Canyon Sanctuary

Temple Canyon is land in Abiquiu, New Mexico, that Jeshua miraculously led Jayem to purchase as The Early Years period was moving toward its completion, and prior to the beginning of The Christ Mind Trilogy.

The land of Temple Canyon Sanctuary is a sacred vortex, and Jeshua has shared that: 

‘Healing on all levels will occur here, yet without anyone seeming to ‘do’  anything, simply because there are sufficient beings living there devoted to holding those ‘that will be sent for healing’, and who have walked the pathway into the realization of their own Christed Self/Being.”

The vision of Temple Canyon includes a temple and adjacent buildings to be built on the land, and these will provide place for sacred gatherings, housing and other functions. Sacred gatherings on the land have been, and continue to be, a regular occurrence as the pathway develops.


In summary

The Way of Mastery is a pathway of enlightenment, which re-establishes Jeshua’s original teachings, and in doing so offers a profound, in depth pathway to support any awakening soul from the first inkling to awaken all the way into knowing their most essential Self.

It aims at nothing less than a radical shift of Identity from ‘Ego’ to ‘Christ’: a return, and capacity aiding students to, increasingly, live in and create from Christ Mind itself.

From this it seeks no less than the birthing of “a million Christs” on

this planet, and to transform the very experience of Humanity from Fear to Love, manifesting the presence of Heaven on Earth that ‘completes the very need of Time.’


~ Overview of The Way of Mastery by Dave Schock and Jayem.

Dave Schock is a senior pathway teacher of The Way of Mastery, and author of An Introduction to the Way of Mastery. 

Visit his website at

Jayem (Jon Marc Hammer) can be reached via the official Way of

Mastery website at