Private Sessions with Dave, and Channeled Sessions with Jeshua though Dave, are both available.

Sessions can include guidance in life matters, in the study of The Way of Mastery or A Course in Miracles, (or other spiritual courses/texts), and also may include Radical Inquiry as practiced in The Way of Mastery, a profound modality based on accessing one's inner wisdom. 


Dave is a senior pathway Teacher in The Way of Mastery, and private sessions are based on his experience with this as well as his having taught A Course in Miracles  for over twenty years. He is also trained in Reiki and as Certified Vinyasa Yoga teacher.


Private Sessions are $75 for 50 minutes. An initial 15 minute orientation session is available for no charge.

Jeshua Sessions run  between an hour and an hour and a half, sometimes a bit longer, and cost $175.

It is recommended that a series of two private counseling sessions, one before and one after, accompany a channeling with Jeshua, but this is not required.

This series of three sessions creates a greater context for transformation, as well as a follow up to help make sure the wisdom of the channeled information is finding a home in your life. 

The total cost for this is $325.

For more information about Jeshua channelings with Dave, contact us 


Private Session   $ 75

Channeling Session   $ 175

Two Private Sessions and 

Jeshua Channeling 

(recommended) $325

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Combined Sessions

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Private Session

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Jeshua Channeling

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