Readings with Jeshua


Personal one-on-one sessions with Jeshua are available.


I have worked as a channel for Jeshua for nearly ten years, primarily offering private readings. This can be done in person, or via skype, zoom or telephone. I would be happy to answer any questions you might have about this, please contact me.

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Testimonials from Sessions with Jeshua

 "Jeshua spoke with gentle, yet directly forceful knowledge of what was in my heart and what I have been resisting.

If you are seriously following the Way, make an appointment with David Schock. Jeshua will clarify much and will comfort and encourage. Thank you, David, for listening to your Brother and heeding His call."  


-NB retired Nun and public school teacher


"Through the session I had with you and Jeshua I was able to get in touch with a feeling that I had held inside since I was a child.  I was not aware of this hidden feeling I was holding and I am now able to feel it ,and heal it.

I also realized the gift my father was to me in my life and I am so grateful for that,,,even though I only was with him for a few short years. These particular openings have been very healing for me 

From my heart, thank you so much."

-MP farmer and reiki master teacher


"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you Dave for sharing the Beautiful and Divine gift you have with me and others.

The words spoken through you rang the tune of truth, however it was the energetic transmission that communicated to ALL levels of my being and encouraged me to take the step next steps necessary in my life, at that time.

If you feel the call for a clear, holy and divine transmission of truth that only your heart and soul will recognise......have a session with Jeshua ben Joseph through Dave Schock!" 

~ AA.  Businesswoman, healer and spiritual teacher


"I wanted to tell you that on that day, my whole life changed." 

-TS ~ Civil Servant 

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