Healing Circle


Healing Circle ~ Six weekly gatherings in March and April 2019 ~ with Dave Schock

~ Addictions

~ Depression

~ Economic challenges

~ Life Changes

~ Relationship Issues

~ Self-Awareness

    and more

Healing Circles offer a benefit for people dealing with many life issues.

Join with instructor Dave Schock, who brings his experience of 25 years teaching A Course in MIracles and The Way of Mastery, as well as his experience as a trained yoga instructor, to a unique gathering that often brings relief and greater comfort for many people.

The setting is casual, and involves very light hatha (physical) yoga, meant for all people, and uses this to deepen the understanding of self and reality that can bring peace and greater functionality to life.

~ $25 per person, first class free'

~ Each time you bring someone who is coming to the Healing Circle for the first time, you both receive that class for free as well.

6 Thursdays , 7:30 -9 PM 

March 7th - April 11th 2019

All That Matters, Main Street, Wakefield, RI

come to one or all of the classes



" I know of no finer spiritual teacher and guide than David, even after sixty years of seeking. "

~ AK. Minister