Spiritual Teachings and Private Sessions with Dave Schock


A Course in Miracles, The Way of Mastery, and more


Join Dave Schock, a teacher with over thirty years experience with A Course in Miracles  (acim) and The Way of Mastery (wom), as he shares and summarize the discoveries of a life following these modern spiritual masterpieces.

Dave is an ACIM "teacher of God", and a senior pathway teacher in WOM. Also certified as a Vinyasa Yoga Teacher, and in Reiki, he offers private sessions, workshops, online learning and more. 

In his work with The Way of Mastery, Dave has also become a channel for Jeshua,  and private readings are available, as well as teachings on various subjects.

Dave has also worked as a professional artist / painter his whole life. if you would like to see his artwork, click here 

Miracles in Minutes ~ Teachings of ACIM and WOM in Minutes

Dealing with Stress

Judgment ~ what is is, and isn't

 Forgiveness ~ The Key to Enlightenment   ~ part one

The Power of Mindfulness ~ In Minutes!

more Miracles in Minutes

A short welcome and introduction

private sessions


A Unique Approach and Experience

As a someone who has studied and taught A Course in Miracles, and The Way of Mastery, as well as a bit of Yoga, and more, I believe I have found  something that I always wanted. 

That is, something that offers powerful comfort to people in distress. This simple process works perhaps better than any other approach I have seen.  It is based on the Radical Inquiry process from The Way of Mastery Living Practices.

It involves simple inquiry and self-observation. There is no one way for everyone, and I fully respect your own unique "path." If, though, you feel you would like to find out more, and perhaps have a session together, I would be grateful for the chance to do so. 

 Greater  freedom, happiness, and  meaning for you in your life are the goals.  

Sincerely, Dave Schock

Testimonials from Private Sessions

 A major thing that I’ve learned through David over six years is that my life has only one purpose; the journey of the soul home to Love, to God. That has been transforming for me.

 I know of no finer spiritual teacher and guide than David, even after sixty years of seeking."


~ AK. Minister

 " I can tell you from experience that Dave brings forth life changing information," 

-JF businessman

A Course in Miracles and The Way of Mastery


Translated into 25 languages, inspiring the formation of thousands of study groups, and selling over 3 million copies. A Course in Miracles may be the most influential book of the past 50 years. 

It was my main study for nearly a decade, and in these videos I offer my experiences as a student and teacher. 



After many years with A Course in Miracles,  The Way of Mastery came my way It healed me suddenly and profoundly, and I have been with it ever since, over 23 years now. 

In these videos, I share my experiences as a student and teacher of The Way, and, hopefully some insights too!  view 

New Jeshua Channelings

Jeshua ~ The Innner Messiah