Complete Spiritual Awakening in about ten minutes


Wouldn't it be nice to check "Awaken Spiritually" off the to-do list?

Join Dave Schock, a teacher with over thirty years experience with A Course in Miracles  (acim) and The Way of Mastery (wom), as he shares and summarize in an outrageously short time the discoveries of a life following these modern spiritual masterpieces.

Dave is one of a handful of senior pathway teachers worldwide in The Way of Mastery, and is also certified as a Vinyasa Yoga Teacher, and in Reiki, He offers private sessions, workshops, online learning and more. Let him help you get that pesky "Spiritually Waking Up" thing taken care of!


 A major thing that I’ve learned through David over six years is that my life has only one purpose; the journey of the soul home to Love, to God. That has been transforming for me.

 I know of no finer spiritual teacher and guide than David, even after sixty years of seeking."


~ AK. Minister

 " I can tell you from experience that Dave brings forth life changing information," 

-JF, businessman and  United States Marine

" I wanted to tell you that on that day, my whole life chagned"

 - TS, busineswoman

a unique approach


"As someone who has studied and taught A Course in Miracles, and The Way of Mastery, as well as being trained in Vinyasa Yoga, Reikii, and more, I believe I have found  something  that offers powerful comfort to people in distress, and usually really, really fast. 

It comes out of years of study, and, while there is no one path for everyone, I guarantee powerful change in one session, or workshop, or, as they say, your money back! "

Dave Schock